A Giant Bomb film shot on location in Cligga Head, Cornwall.
6:34 minutes

Apollo 1 tells the story of the Greek god Apollo, who killed the Python (in revenge for killing him mum, Leto) and threw his dead body into a hole in the ground.

The site turned later on into the seat of the Oracle of Delphi, who for 700 years sat on a three-legged stool over that hole, inhaling fumes from the rotting body of the Python and communicating prophecies by the gods from below.

It is also the site of the Omphalos - the rock that marks the centre of the universe.
Apollo + Oracle: Lucian Shalmy-Freeman
Leto: Shiri Shalmy
Python: Ben Sanderson

Camera: James Hankey
Edit: Sophie Mallett
Sound: hannah Melbourn

Part of an Open School East project.
Produced during a residency at CAST, Cornwall.